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We painted the wall with a sealant, then applied the metal backing with the tabs (used a cool pneumatic tool to make the cuts), we glued (Loctite super grip) the brick on the metal using the tabs and a dowel rod for spacing, then we used bags to put mortar in the gaps. Once the wall was done, we built floating supports for the rafters under the decking - using 2X6 boards underneath and 3/4 inch Oak Plywood as the decking surface. We stained the decking with 3 coats of Kona colored stain, and three coats of polyurethane- satin finish. We used LED lighting on each side to wash up the wall and we'll install LED tape lighting under the front lip of the stage to wash down on the brick front. Fun project...let's rock and roll !
The Neon GibsonThe Finished ProductLove the Neon light !Gibby and the Vox AmpKris and Kim were awesome !Before !Stage Building ProgressionKris used a pneumatic cutterLoctite glue was great !Mixing the mortarUsing a bag to apply the mortar

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